Fellowship winners

Bruno Danieli Scholarship:
- Decha Kumla (Portugal) "Secondary Metabolites from Cultures of the Marine Sponge-Associated Fungus Penicillium erubescens KUFA0220 and Their Antibacterial Activity"

Carmela Spatafora Scholarship:
- Monika Anna Pliszka (Poland) "Identification of ACE Inhibitory Peptides in Oat Proteins Hydrolysates

Gerwick's foundation fellowships:
- Noor Wini Mazlan (Malaysia) "Elucidation of Induced Secondary Metabolites from Microbes in Cocultivation"

Oluwafunke Olasumbo Olaleye (Nigeria) "Antimalarial and Phytochemical investigation of the Leaves of Alafia Barteri"

Industry fellowships:
- Maria Lígia da Silva Sousa (Portugal) "Effects of Cyanobacteria Origin Oxadiazine Nocuolin A on HCT116 Cells Cultured on 2D and 3D Cell Systems" 

Florian Weber (Norway) "Plant Polyphenolic Inspired Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial Surface Modifications for Dental Implants"

Italian Chemical Society fellowship:
Carlotta Ciaramelli (Italia) "NMR-Based Study of the Potential Neuroprotective Properties of Cocoa Extracts"

- Giovanni Andrea Vitale (Italia) "Marine Environment as a Source of New Multiactivity Pigments and Bioactive Molecules"

ISSNP 2019 fellowships:
- Odeta Celaj (Italia"Metabolic Profiling and Potential Biological Activity of Cistanche phelypaea (L.) Cout"

- Pinus Jumaryatno (Indonesia) "Chemistry and Bioactivity of Secondary Metabolites of Sponge
Pseudoceratina sp. from South-East Queensland"

Sofia Salazar (Venezuela) "Isolation, Purification and Characterization of Secondary Metabolites
Presents in the Species Tachigali chrysophylla"

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